Israel Triumphs in Bold Rescue Operation, Over 270 Reported Dead in Gaza Raid

Israel Triumphs in Bold Rescue Operation, Over 270 Reported Dead in Gaza Raid

Israel in Gaza

In a daring and complex military operation, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) successfully rescued four hostages from central Gaza on Saturday. The hostages, who had been abducted from the Nova music festival on October 7, were freed from captivity in the Nuseirat refugee camp. The operation, however, resulted in significant casualties, with Gaza health officials reporting over 270 Palestinians killed and hundreds more injured.

The rescue mission was executed with the assistance of U.S. intelligence and involved heavy artillery fire and shelling. The IDF targeted multistory civilian buildings where Hamas had been holding the captives. The hostages, identified as Almog Meir Jan, Noa Argamani, Andrey Kozlov, and Shlomi Ziv, were transferred to a hospital in Israel and are reported to be in good medical condition.

The operation has sparked intense reactions on both sides. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the mission as a significant achievement and called for continued efforts to secure the release of the remaining hostages. The Israeli public, who have been holding weekly protests demanding the release of the hostages, celebrated the successful rescue.

On the other hand, Palestinian officials have condemned the operation, describing it as a “gruesome massacre.” Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has called for an emergency session of the UN Security Council to address what he termed as ongoing Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. Gaza’s Health Ministry reported scenes of horror on the ground, with civilians describing the situation as “hell on earth”.

The international community remains divided on the issue, with some leaders urging for a ceasefire and others supporting Israel’s right to defend itself and rescue its citizens. The situation in Gaza continues to be volatile, with the potential for further escalations in the conflict.

As the world watches, the humanitarian crisis in Gaza deepens, and the call for a peaceful resolution grows louder. The rescue operation, while a tactical success for Israel, underscores the complex and tragic nature of the ongoing conflict in the region.

What did the US representative say about Israel?

Today, 9 June 2024, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan stated that an “enduring ceasefire” deal between Israel and Hamas is “the only credible path forward” following an Israeli hostage rescue mission that Gazan officials report killed at least 274 people.

“The best way to get all of the hostages home and to protect Palestinian civilians is to end this war. And the best way to end this war is for Hamas to agree to the deal President Biden announced, which Israel has accepted, outlining a roadmap to an enduring ceasefire and the return of all hostages,” Sullivan told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union.”

Israel Triumphs in Bold Rescue Operation, Over 270 Reported Dead in Gaza Raid
A call for ceasefire emerges following a high-stakes Israeli hostage rescue mission that reports suggest left 270+ casualties

Late last month, US President Joe Biden unveiled the three-phase proposal, stating that Israel had submitted the plan, although subsequent comments from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have raised some doubts about his level of support for Biden’s outlined proposal.

Civilians in harm’s way: Sullivan acknowledged the civilian toll of Israel’s military operation on Saturday, while asserting that Hamas, which took the hostages during its deadly October 7 attacks on Israel, was putting Palestinians in harm’s way.

“The president himself has recently stated that the Palestinian people are experiencing sheer hell in this conflict because Hamas operates in a manner that puts them in the crossfire, holding hostages in crowded civilian areas,” he added.

When pressed by Bash on whether the US was comfortable with the execution of the mission, Sullivan called for a diplomatic solution “where there’s no need for military operations to get every last hostage out.”

US Senator Tom Cotton also blamed Hamas for keeping hostages in civilian areas on Sunday. “You shouldn’t take hostages in the first place. You should release them once you have, and you certainly shouldn’t hide them in civilian areas,” Cotton told Fox News.

The Arkansas Republican described the operation, which has drawn condemnation from regional leaders, as “heroic” and “well-executed.”

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