Lowa’s Deadly Tornadoes Signal Widespread Severe Weather Alert Across US

Lowa's Deadly Tornadoes Signal Widespread Severe Weather Alert Across US

Tornadoes kills multiple people through Midwest

In a series of extreme weather events, Iowa has become the focal point of concern as killer tornadoes swept through, causing significant damage and loss of life. Meteorologists warn that the threat of severe weather could continue to spread across the United States.

Lowa's Deadly Tornadoes Signal Widespread Severe Weather Alert Across US
Lowa tornadoes kills multiple people as severe storms rip through Midwest

According to the latest reports, the National Weather Service is examining nearly twenty tornado reports across four states, where over 100,000 homes and businesses have lost power. In Iowa, at least one death related to the storm has been recorded southwest of the capital Des Moines in Adams County. A tornado in this county caused severe damage and injuries in the town of Greenfield, former state representative Clel Baudler told the Des Moines Register.

Tornadoes and strong storms have also been reported in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois. Notably, the center of the town of Greenfield, with a population of about 2,000, was almost completely flattened. Piles of lumber, shingles, and personal belongings are all that remain of many homes. Trees were uprooted or stripped of their bark. Power lines were downed, and dozens of ambulances lined up along roads that were no longer passable.

Iowa Governor, Kim Reynolds, has declared a disaster emergency for 15 counties in Iowa and pledged state support in rebuilding communities. This is the second bout of tornadoes the state has faced within a month – over a dozen tornadoes struck the state on April 26.

Meanwhile, weather forecasts indicate that areas from Texas to New England could face dangerous weather in the coming days. Hazardous weather patterns will target the Plains, Midwest, and South Central regions through the Memorial Day weekend, with the potential for tornadoes, destructive straight-line winds, damaging hail, and flooding rains.

For those in areas under tornado warnings, the National Weather Service advises seeking shelter. “You are in a life-threatening situation,” the agency warns.

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