Breaking Discovery: Iran’s Red Crescent Uncovers President Raisi’s Missing Helicopter; No Survivors Indicated on May 19

Breaking Discovery: Iran's Red Crescent Uncovers President Raisi's Missing Helicopter; No Survivors Indicated

President Raisi’s Helicopter Found Crashed

On May 19, the world was stunned by the news of a helicopter crash involving Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian. The helicopter, which was returning from a diplomatic visit to the Azerbaijan border, failed to reach its destination, leading to widespread concern and speculation about the fate of its high-profile passengers.

As of May 20, the condition of President Raisi remained shrouded in mystery, prompting international media to question the stability of Iran in the face of such an unforeseen event. Al Jazeera queried whether Iran could withstand the shock if President Raisi was incapacitated.

Breaking Discovery: Iran's Red Crescent Uncovers President Raisi's Missing Helicopter; No Survivors Indicated
Helicopter carrying President Ebrahim Raisi
Helicopter carrying President Ebrahim Raisi
Iran’s Red Crescent has located the missing helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. Local media reports there is no indication of any living person

In response, Al Jazeera’s senior political analyst, Bishara, asserted that Iran’s political system is robust enough to absorb such a “shock.” He pointed out that the simultaneous presence of both the president and the foreign minister on the ill-fated flight was troubling, yet not indicative of a systemic collapse.

Bishara highlighted that since the Islamic revolution of 1979, Iran has demonstrated its resilience against various challenges, particularly those targeting its political leaders. He emphasized the strength of Iran’s ruling elite and the well-established system of checks and balances that have evolved over the past four decades.

In accordance with Article 131 of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Constitution, should the president pass away while in office, the first vice president, currently Mr. Mohammad Mokhber, would assume the presidency, pending confirmation from the Supreme Leader, who holds ultimate authority in the nation.

A council comprising the first vice president, the speaker of parliament, and the head of the judiciary is tasked with organizing a presidential election within a maximum of 50 days.

President Raisi, who was elected in 2021, is scheduled to serve until the next presidential election in 2025. The nation now watches and waits as the political system prepares to demonstrate its capacity for continuity and stability in the wake of this tragedy.

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