ISW warning: Information about Russia attacking Kharkov

ISW warning: Information about Russia attacking Kharkov

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) warns of increased Russian military activity in Kharkov, signaling a potential offensive that endangers regional stability. This escalation, marked by a strengthened military force and intensified propaganda, sparks concerns of a looming large-scale conflict and calls for immediate global response.

Russia Escalates Artillery and Disinformation Assault on Kharkov Amidst US Aid Speculation

According to the latest analysis by ISW, Russia has intensified its artillery strikes and disinformation campaigns against Ukraine in the city of Kharkov. The Kremlin’s relentless efforts aim to destabilize Kharkov, compelling Ukrainian residents to flee and prompting internal displacement of millions.

Exploiting Ukraine’s limited air defense capabilities and the heightened tensions in the region, Russian forces anticipate military support from the United States.

The Kremlin’s propaganda machinery capitalizes on fears of an impending Russian onslaught on Kharkov, orchestrating a coordinated disinformation campaign to sow panic among the Ukrainian populace.

ISW estimates the likelihood of a successful Russian ground assault on Kharkov to be minimal, especially if Ukraine swiftly receives new military assistance from the US.

Prior discussions among Ukrainian officials have centered on the potential for a Russian ground offensive targeting Kharkov by the end of this summer.

However, ISW analysts assess that Russian forces lack the necessary manpower to seize the city, particularly with the well-equipped Ukrainian military in place.

ISW warning: Information about Russia attacking Kharkov
War map of Ukraine on April 22. In particular, Russia controls the pink area, the circles represent the fronts, the larger the size, the hotter the two epicentres are Avdiivka and Bakhmut. The yellow areas are where Moscow forces have recently taken control

ISW Report Highlights, April 22nd: Russian Aggression Targets Kharkov

In their latest report, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has highlighted several alarming developments:

Notable comments in ISW’s April 22 report:

First, the Kremlin is conducting a coordinated offensive campaign of air strikes and information warfare, threatening Kharkov, to persuade civilians to flee and evacuate millions of Ukrainians within the country ahead of an attack. possible future attacks by Russia against this city or other regions of Ukraine.
Second, Kremlin mouthpieces are exploiting concerns about a future Russian attack on Kharkov to mount a coordinated information campaign that may be aimed at sowing panic for Ukrainians.
ISW estimates the likelihood of a successful Russian ground attack on Kharkiv to be very low if Ukraine quickly receives new military support from the US.
Third, Russia is stepping up fire attacks and information operations against Ukrainians in Kharkiv to take advantage of Kiev’s limited air defense capabilities and increase tensions in a relatively short period of time. shortly before American military aid arrived in frontline areas.
Fourth, Russian troops appear to be aiming to penetrate deep into Ukrainian positions northwest of Avdiivka (Donetsk region), but their ability to do so may be diminished by the emergence of American and Western aid to the front lines.
Thursday, on April 22, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that Finland is taking concrete steps to protect itself from Russia’s combined arms activities and migration crises. created by Russia on the Russian-Finnish border.
Friday, Russian military advances were confirmed in Chasov Yar, Avdiivka and Donetsk, as well as the administrative border areas of Donetsk and Zaporizhia regions.
Seventh, the Russian state’s volunteer drone initiative “Sudoplatov” equips the Russian army operating in the direction of Bakhmut with inexpensive and reportedly faulty drones.

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