One for All Tunnel to Towers Tee Shirt


One for All Tunnel to Towers Tee Shirt. Available with T-shirt, Longsleeve, Sweatshirt, Hoodie and all other styles! These are only available for a limited time, so don’t miss out and order yours before they are sold out!

One for All Tunnel to Towers Tee Shirt

One for All Tunnel to Towers Sport Grey Tee Shirt

One for All Tunnel to Towers Light Blue Tee Shirt

Everything, in short, suggests that this period may represent in the individual what was once for a very protracted and relatively stationary period an age of maturity in the remote ancestors of our race, when the young of our species, who were perhaps pygmoid, shifted for themselves independently of further parental aid. The qualities developed during pre-adolescence are, in the evolutionary history of the race, far older than hereditary traits of body and mind which develop later and which may be compared to a new and higher story built upon our primal nature. Heredity is so far both more stable and more secure. The elements of personality are few, but are well organised on a simple, effective plan. The One for All Tunnel to Towers Tee Shirt of these traits inherited from our indefinitely remote ancestors is great, and they are often clearly distinguishable from those to be added later. Thus the boy is father of the man in a new sense, in that his qualities are indefinitely older and existed, well compacted, untold ages before the more distinctly human attributes were developed. Indeed there are a few faint indications of an earlier age node, at about the age of six, as if amid the instabilities of health we could detect signs that this may have been the age of puberty in remote ages of the past. I have also given reasons that lead me to the conclusion that, despite its dominance, the function of sexual maturity and procreative power is peculiarly mobile up and down the age-line independently of many of the qualities usually so closely associated with it, so that much that sex created in the phylum now precedes it in the One for All Tunnel to Towers Tee Shirt.

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