Grinch Cloth Face Mask

The material supply for this type of mask is no longer available. We have switched to a new type of face mask! You can buy a new face mask with the same design!

Reusable Adult dust masks with Protective PM2.5 Filter & inner pocket.
Production process: transfer printing
Product material: polyester
Other description:
* Full-width printing, single-sided printing
* Outer surface is non-woven non-absorbing fabric, quantitative 40 g / m2, effective to prevent splashes, water resistance.
* 2 layers of breathable fabric: in which the innermost layer constitutes 1 inner pocket for putting PM2.5 filter
* included 01 PM2.5 filter

Grinch Cloth Face Mask

Grinch Cloth Face Mask
Grinch Cloth Face Mask


Material description: 100% polyester fiber (polyester)
With inner Pocket for filling PM2.5 filter (1 filter included)
Product performance: Very soft, breathable, water-proof, washable, with buttons to adjust the tightness, you can change its length according to their own facial contour, to avoid leaving marks on the face. It can protect your face and lips from smoke, cold, allergies, fog and haze, exhaust gas and low temperature, allergic substances and so on. (non-surgical mask)
Suitable for cycling, camping, running, traveling, climbing and daily use.
Fitting construction: m-shaped nose clip
Wash by hand, please do not bleach
Warm tips: this picture shows the effect for reference only, the final effect in kind prevail! Due to objective factors such as production batches, machines and equipment, it is difficult to avoid or there will be minor errors such as color difference, position and size. If the above problems are normal phenomena, they will not be included in the scope of after-sales treatment.

Mask Fabric Combo Filter, Mask Fabric Combo Mask + Filter


1 Mask + 2 Filter, 1 Mask + 3 Filter, 1 Mask + 5 Filter, 1 Mask + 7 Filter, 1 Mask + 10 Filter, 1 Mask + 1 Filter, 3 Mask + 3 Filter, 5 Mask + 5 Filter, 10 Mask + 10 Filter, 20 Mask + 20 Filter

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